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Junk Car Scams: How to Avoid Them

If you're looking to get rid of your junk car, you need to be aware of the potential for scams. Unfortunately, there are companies that prey on people trying to get rid of their old vehicles.

In this blog post, we'll go over some common junk car scams and provide you with tips to avoid them:

The first scam to look out for is fake reviews. Some companies post fake reviews on their website or social media pages to make their services appear more legitimate. To avoid this, look for reviews from multiple sources or try to get recommendations from friends and family. If a company has only a few reviews, especially positive ones, it might be a sign to look elsewhere.

Another common scam is bait-and-switch. This is when a company offers you one price for your junk car over the phone or online but then tries to give you less when they see the vehicle in person. This can be frustrating, especially if you've already gone through the process of getting a quote.

Some scam artists may also ask you to sign over the title before paying you for your car. While legitimate companies might ask for a legal document like the vehicle's title transferred back to their own company, you should not sign it over before receiving payment. This is because once you've handed over the title, you no longer legally own the car and could have trouble getting payment if you're scammed.

Another trick these scammers might play is to offer you a very low amount for your car, just to get you to agree to their services. Once they have your vehicle, they may be evasive about payment or try to give you only a portion of the agreed-upon price. Don't be afraid to say no if you don't like their offer.

Lastly, a scam sometimes played with junk cars is towing. Some companies might promise free towing but then charge a fee for it. To avoid this, ask up front how much the tow will be. You might be better off negotiating the tow as part of the overall price for the junk car.

Now that you know some common scams that might be played on you when selling your junk car, let's go over some tips for avoiding them.

First, educate yourself. Know what your car is worth, and don't accept an offer that is much lower than its value. Second, consider getting quotes from multiple companies. This will help you to compare prices and get a sense of what a fair offer looks like.

Third, read reviews and check out a company's reputation. Doing so will help you to avoid scams from untrustworthy companies. Fourth, ask questions and confirm anything promised to you with a written contract or agreement.

Junk car scams are no fun to deal with, but with a little bit of research and careful consideration, you can avoid them. Sell your junk car with Junkker, a company that earns your trust and pays you fairly for your old junk car.


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